Client’s Question: How to motivate existing users to participate on our membership portal? Will it help in conversion optimization?

Answer: With the increase of users participation, there is no doubt that conversion rate of the website will increase and also can help in increasing user’s base. Let me share few suggestions to increase user’s engagement; conversion rate and participation on a membership website.

Suggestions from conversion optimization point of view:

1. Earning badge – Whenever a user earns a badge, we can motivate them to share with their friends. By placing “Social share buttons”

2. After video display – For Videos, once users finished watching a video, next video has to be loaded in ten seconds (like YouTube). Or you can place a clear call-to-action explaining what to do next.

3. Social Engagement – Placing Social like, tweet, share, pin, buttons below each and every video and content will increase the social traffic.

4. For important contents – we need to place “Social Lock”. So that user can see the video only if they share.

5. For Quiz – It would be so great if we add “5 more questions to finish” and “Hint” for each question will help users answer easily.

It’s all about users winning. If users win, they will share the information in social media and this will help more users to sign up.  This will lead to website’s success.

6. Award the users – If users finish reading/watching videos/articles. We can double the reward points if a user shares the article/video across two social networks.

For example,  we are awarding 20 points for an article or video, why can’t award 40 points if users share across two social networks? Like Facebook and Google plus.

7. Quiz Answered Text – Once user answer a question then Instead of using words, “Correct or wrong”, why can’t use the words/phrases like

“You are awesome, perfect answer”.

“Don’t worry; you will make it in next question”

Customized text will make the user feel great about the system.

8. Finding high-end customers – We can do lead generation and find the emails of big investors, high earning profiles. Also, we can run targeted Facebook ads using user’s emails. On the other hand, we can send a personalized email to them. This will impact in conversion rate.

9. Inviting the friends – We are offering 100 points for every invite. Why can’t we make some changes in this?

If users invite 5 friends, we can give 100 points and if 5 of their friends joined the site, we offer another 100 points. Meanwhile, we can send an automated email like “Two of your 5 friends joined us, 3 to go. Click here to send a reminder.”

10. Beta Version – We need to start outreach, as we have the beta version. We can contact people to sign up and share their views about our system.

Hope these 10 points will give you some new ideas how you can increase user’s engagement. Also, we are eager to have your opinion. So, don’t hesitate to share.

If you need any assistance you can contact us !