Has your little baby arrived? Are you expecting your baby? I can guess how exciting it must be.

As a father, I can recall those days when I first saw my little baby. The experience was just amazing. To capture all these memories I’ve created a beautiful website with the help of a professional web development service without spending a fortune.

My baby’s site consists of cool features like:

1.Sliding Photo Gallery – The custom baby website is easy to manage and you can create month or event wise album category. Moreover, you can easily create new album categories. The photo gallery is attractive and easy to share.

2.Modern Video Gallery – Like image gallery you can also upload videos or embed videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other platforms. Adding quality videos in the website for a child will increase the credibility of the website.

3.Milestone Creation – You can easily create milestones at your baby website. Some example milestones are like: when baby first kick, when baby born, when the baby first smile, when first started walking etc. You can upload images, videos according to different milestones.

4.Growth Chart – The website for my baby consist a cool feature about growth chart. You can your baby’s growth data on the website. You can add data like your baby’s monthly height, weight, teeth etc.

To do these data, a simple platform provided like a spreadsheet and it is easy to add. Once you add those data then you can able to see a growth chart. My wife loves this baby website designs feature.

5.Blog or Guestbook Section – A blog section in the website of my baby helps to write about the amazing experience. Moreover, you can ask other members to contribute or share comments. Besides this, you can easily share blog post and also can consider this section as a guestbook.

6.Social Sharing – With the inbuilt social media sharing options you can easily share content with your friends over social media; i.e; facebook, Google plus. This is an effective approach sharing your child’s website.

7.Website Security – In today’s world digital assets (like a website, picture, video etc.) security is crucial. With the help of latest security parameters, the server is configured in such a way that the website data lies in safe hands. This is crucial to the host of the baby website on a secure server.

You can even protect the website content using your own password. The members who will possess that password can only access the website. Moreover, you can reset password anytime you want. This is an effective way to secure your custom baby website.

Build a secure Kids Website for your baby

8.Easy Site Management – The web site build on WordPress using custom PHP coding. The content management platform is developed considering user’s usability point of view.

If you want to add a blog post, videos or images you need to follow simple steps. You need to login on the backend of the kid’s website. Use the confidential username and password provided. Then go to the specific section on the website and can add relevant content. You can also custom your kids website designs.

9.Data Backup – You don’t have to worry about your website’s data loss. For safety, there is a daily automatic website backup plan available to store data in the secure server.

Further, you can manually download your baby website’s data from the server to your own storage device and can keep in a safe place.

10.Tutorial – Website management is sometimes time-consuming and irritating job to execute. But, if you have a detail tutorial about managing your mobile friendly custom baby website, then life will be much easy.

To make life further easy, we received instruction documents that explain how easily you can individually manage the whole website. Moreover, free customer support available for any assistance to care your kid’s site.

Reasons to have a website for your kids

  • Share your memories with loved ones irrespective of the physical location.
  • Keep in touch with grandpa, grandmother, nephews, nice and all the cousins.
  • Bring your family closer and share milestones and memories.
  • Book domain name for your kids. Assume your kids name is Mike Jackson and you are from Australia. So you can check the availability of the domain like mikejackson.com.au.
  • Store important kid’s data on the secure server without worrying about data loss.
  • Invest for future. A website is a digital real-estate and for your kid to invest in a website can be a good investment. I’m sure your kid will love it when they will grow.

How can I create a website for my baby?

You can create custom mobile friendly website for kids in different ways:

  • You can hire web developers and create the website. If you need help in searching good developer to build your kid’s website you can contact us.
  • You can rent a website for companies. If you don’t want to invest a lot you can rent a website for just $1 per day. With this rent a website package you can have a free domain name, custom website and free hosting. You can find some pay-as-you-go rental package here.
  • You can also use some 3rd party tools to develop your child’s website. But this is not recommended as when you are using 3rd party tools then you don’t have the control of data. Also, this can cost high for the long term.


For every parent, kids are always very special. In this new era of the digital world, our kids deserve to have a special digital gift from their parents. Having a website for your baby, updating with every event as it happens will create an amazing book about your family.

You should take the initiative today to build a website for your baby. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a customized professional child’s website. Listen to your heart and let’s start capturing those touching moments of life. Keep your memories safe with an affordable baby website.

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Has your little one already arrived? Create your free baby website and start sharing your memories with loved ones no matter where they are. A baby website is an excellent way to keep in touch with grandma, grandpa and all the cousins. Bring your family closer together and don’t let them miss out on milestones and memories!

A Bundle Of Joys is all about building relationships and keeping family and friends close together no matter how far apart they are. We offer moms and dads a free baby website which includes features such as photos, videos, a milestone, growth and tooth chart, journaling, guestbook and much more. We provide you with dozens of original baby website designs and allow you to change it any time and as often as you want.

You can feel safe and secure knowing that your website content is protected. Unlike other places, we do not use your baby website to gain search engine rankings. Feel safe knowing your site is protected. We give you a password protection option to let only those with a username and password that you give out to view your site.