Modern technology and web growth have enabled us to access tons of information from anywhere on the globe anytime we want it.Original ideas are increasingly rare.All seems to reproduce and show certain people’s ideas. While this phenomenon is not new, many may say that it has achieved its height nowadays.

Plagiarism is one serious offense that is seen within many platforms and forums. The world of academia including modern information technology academic departmentsare suffering from this offense.

In this post, we will discuss the best tools for the identification and prevention of plagiarism within IT universities.

IT Universities are facing troubles regarding plagiarism

Most of the times IT students are accused of doing plagiarism as many of the times they tend to just copy and paste content from Google and represent it as their own. Plagiarism checkers are there to help teachers to keep a check on their students.

All universities do not have free access to an academic plagiarism or plagiarism detection system that could effectively check documents for plagiarism.

However, plagiarism checkers are not always able to detect written plagiarism that students pose for numerous reasons.

This problem is intensified by the plagiarism checkers that often have low levels of resemblance with plagiarized content because of the not so well developed software.

Consequences of Plagiarism in Student’s life

Intentionally or unintentionally if a student is accused of plagiarism then it can cause serious damage in an IT student’s life and professional career. Most of the students face issues while writing something on their own without assistance and they prefer to copy stuff from others.

Here are some of the major consequences a student can face when found doing academic dishonesty (plagiarism):

  • Plagiarism can get you suspended from the institution or even expelled
  • Getting expelled from a university can refrain you from getting admission in other institution
  • Plagiarism can affect your academic portfolio
  • You might face legal actions, fines, penalties or even jail sentence.

The seriousness of this issue is high on different levels. This issue arises because students are not well-informed about the concept of plagiarism. There are tools that can help you remove certain traces of plagiarism in your text by checking through millions of sites.

Qualities of Best plagiarism checker

A good university plagiarism checker provides a plagiarism file that contains the information from both blogs and free to access databases.

These tools are used to compare the paper to the academic newspapers, digital books, web indexes, and other student submissions simultaneously.The student’s assignments and papers should be checked as unintentional plagiarism may also damage the quality of the material.

Advantage of good plagiarism checker for IT Universities

  • Plagiarism software allows you access to several archives so that you can cross-search documents through a wide number of documents.
  • Students recognizing that you use plagiarism methods are less inclined even to try to copy other people’s work.
  • The prevention of plagiarism helps teachers to preserve the integrity of career.
  • It also encourages teachers to avoid problems afterward, such as copyright violations.
  • Improves writing of students by running a built-in grammar check to remove unintentional errors.

We have listed four plagiarism checkers which perfect for universities and colleges to prevent students from plagiarism.

1.  PrePostSeo

PrePostSEO is a company based in Pakistan, providing search engine optimization solutions. They offer an online plagiarism checker, website management tools, domain tools, and, most importantly, writing& education tools. There are 95+online tools available on their site aimed to assist teachers, students, and content writers.

Some of PrePostSeo tools are:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Online Grammar checker


  • You can make up to 500 queries each month with a free plan. After signing up, the words limit per search will increase from 500 words to 1000 words.
  • You can set up the WordPress plugin to use PrePostSeo directly on your website.
  • PrePostSeoplagiarism checker is also available in other languages, including Spanish, Deutsche, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Polskie.
  • PrePostSeo has a feature that excludes URLs from their plagiarism analysis. It is a very rich feature considering many other plagiarism checkers are not offering this feature outside their premium plan.
  • The report can be downloaded or shared. There are two formats available; PDF and HTML for downloading the final report.


  • Multiple file uploading option is not available.
  • There are some minor issues with report accuracy. They claimed 98% of accuracy with their results, but it was more like 92%, which is not so bad.


They have divided the premium plans into two categories, yearly and monthly.

  1. Yearly plans include Company, Standard, and Basic.
  • “Company plan” costs $350 per year and brings you the liberty to make up to 500,000 queries with 25,000 words per search in 12 months.
  • “Standard plan” is offered at $150 with up to 200,000 queries and 10,000 words limit.
  • “Basic plan” offers 5,000 words and 50,000 queries at $50.
  1. Monthly plans are easy to go with.
  • “Company plan” costs $45 per year and brings you the liberty to make up to 75,000 queries with 5,000 words per search per month.
  • “Standard plan” is offered at $20 with up to 25,000 queries and 5,000 words limit.
  • “Basic plan” offers 5,000 words and 5,000 queries at $10.

All of these plans are equipped with Deep search feature and plagiarism API support. You can choose either of the plans according to your needs and preference.

2.  Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection web-based application owned by, Inc. Turnitin can be used as a plagiarism preventive software but also as a training tool to allow students to work with references and develop paraphrasing and quotation skills.

Turnitin offers three main tools.

  • PeerMark
  • GradeMark
  • OriginalityCheck


  • The teacher is always making decisions on plagiarism, not the system.
  • Teachers can also set the option to disregard limited matches, such as three or fewer letters.
  • Feedback on the papers of the students.
  • Teachers can make voice comments on papers.
  • Enable teacher reviews in a sidebar for long text.


  • The program generates the impression that students should not be trusted.
  • The service forces the teacher to review the comments.


Universities or colleges which use this service need a personalized price quote by sales service. There is no solid information on the cost of the service.

Nonetheless, in 2012, Financial Times reported that the price per year per student is about $2.00. We may conclude that the service costs typically $4.00 per year per student.

3.  Copyscape

Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker that lets you insert the URL of your site to find out if someone else copies you.It is a good tool for all authors who take plagiarism seriously. Unfortunately, offline plagiarism detection service is not free in Copyscape. This feature comes with a premium plan.


  • By pasting URLs, users can check the content.
  • Copyscape provides banners to websites to alert about plagiarism.
  • The comparison tool is available free of charge.
  • The results are very fast compared to other services.


  • Copyscape has no feature for saving reports or backup.
  • Uploading text to detect plagiarism is not free.
  • It can be costly to test all of the files if there are a lot of them.
  • There is no live chat function, and customer support service is slow.


The paid Copyscape version has no monthly subscription option. You pay on the platform and keep the money in your account. You can use the money for the paid service based on the number of words you search. Typically it cost 2 cents per word.

4.  EasyBib

EasyBib is known to be one of the best plagiarism detectors because of its ease of use. Even a student or a teacher not familiar with this software can easily check plagiarism through this tool. You can either copy/paste your text or upload a document. It is that easy.

Apart from checking plagiarism, it has built-in citation and spell check as an additional help to remove plagiarism and certain errors to make your text look perfect.


  • Easy to use for students and teachers
  • Built-in citation
  • Spell and grammar check within the tool
  • Simple plagiarism report


  • Documents are stored in the EasyBib database
  • A free trial period lasts only 3 days
  • Credit card information and validation required to start a free trial


This website offers two accounts; free and the premium one with the free trial. EasyBib offers a free trial of three days when credit card details are submitted to the system. The premium version charges $9.95 every month.

The premium version includes unlimited grammar check, unintentional plagiarism check, and citation of sources in all styles like MLA. You can cancel your subscription at any time during your free trial period.


Students are becoming too common to share their work for money online or even buy assignments online. It has a direct effect on the credibility of students and universities as well. By using one of the plagiarism checker discussed above, you can keep track of your students if they are copying content from somewhere else. We recommend PrePostSeo due to its accuracy and lower price compared to others.