This company had been running an accounting website for a few years and had seen a recent slowdown in sign ups. Their Pay Per Click (PPC) Return on Investment (ROI) had begun to drop and they contacted us to prevent further slippage. Whilst we realised the site’s design and layout was a little ‘homespun’ it was not without its positives and had worked well.

Images and a Single Sentence Doubled (2X) Signup Rate

Goal: To increase signup rate

Issue: Poor ROI on PPC

We started the site update by paying some attention to the main landing page. The challenge was keeping both current users and new sign-ups happy with the landing page experience. We smoothed out the page flow and added some trust proof as well as allowing the user to immediately see the benefit of using the service.



Sateg 02: Pre Launch

Before commencing this project the layout was causing some friction to conversion, with an unstructured flow. There was also an affiliate banner that was losing traffic on the page as well as lack of structured social and credibility proof. Leaving the nav on the page also caused drop off in conversion. Also, the website was not opening properly on mobile and tablet devices.

Stage 02: At Launch

After the update, we launched with a highly focused page, that immediately outlined the benefit in the headline, with the subheadline providing additional value. We also beefed up the offer and gave the site a much more structured flow. This initially boosted sign-ups by a reported 37%.

Ongoing testing

With ongoing A/B split testing we improved the value proposition in the sub-headline, changed the focus of the image, the arrow encouraged users to scroll down the page. This update saw a 102% relative lift in conversions over the launch version giving a further lift to revenue from the site.

Conclusion and Results

These changes reduced the PPC campaign cost of acquisition for this campaign and allowed the company to continue to grow the revenue base without additional campaign spend. Ongoing changes have seen further gains throughout the site with a monthly A/B split testing continuing across multiple pages. This gives improvements on the most important pages, stemming the bounce rate and improving conversions and overall financial returns.

Result: 101% increase in sign-ups.

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