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Best Dental Marketing Services


Are you a dentist and facing any of these problems? Want to know what actually is digital marketing? Want to do digital marketing but don’t know how to? Hear everyone talking about SEO but don’t really know what it is? Want to invest in marketing for your clinic but don’t know where to?

Dental marketing in India is not properly structured and that the reason the new pass out dentist feel a big challenge to get new patients across India. Usually 3 to 4 years it normally takes to start generating proper patent flow. After brainstorming with several senior and junior dental experts we make detailed dental marketing services package for Indian doctors.

Depends on the current situation of the dental clinic, the business goal we have created different packages as per your business need. Kickstart dental marketing, branding promotion, building sales funnel, get help in paid online advertisements, dental website design, dental website development, optimization are few to name with.

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Image of Dental Marketing Goal Setup
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How I, a patient, searched for a dentist while facing toothache?

It was around 2 am, I started to feel severe pain in my mouth. I had no idea what to do. I was feeling uneasy for the last few days and I was aware that there are some problems in my mouth. But never expect to have so much pain at midnight.

I tried hot water, salt and other home remedies but nothing relief my pain. I realized I need a dental doctor. The first question arrives where can I find a good dentist or a dental clinic?

Following are a few options that came to my mind while searching for a professional dentist or dental surgeon:

  • Ask a partner or family members – 99% of us somehow faced problem in our teeth and mostly we visit the same doctor we visited past unless we had a bad experience or located somewhere else. Luckily, in this new location, this was my first dental issue. Moreover, my wife also never faced any tooth-related issues. Due to the lack of past dental experience, we had to find a new dentist.
  • Ask neighbours – When we stay away from our home town, neighbours become our family. At night I can’t do that but in the morning I consultant with them to know about their past experience and any recommendations. I found, my neighbours were not much happy with their current dentist.
  • Check dental newspaper ads -Daily newspaper a source to find a dental clinic near me. But very hard to find and remember which newspaper a dental advertisement was there. Moreover, newspaper dental ads only display contact information and a few basic information about the dentist or dental clinic. But not provides reviews or any other information to judge about the clinic. So, for me, this source is not that reliable and easy to find while needed.
  • Dental clinic advertisement pamphlets – Doctors often try to promote their clinic through pamphlets, distributing business cards in metros, railway stations, local medical shops or even hiring local newspaper distributor members in the local areas. I also came across such dental clinic ads pamphlets but in the time of my need, I was not able to find. Although this way of offline advertising can be effective if used effectively.
  • Dental clinic advertisement posters – Placing clinic’s posters, holdings in the nearby location of a dental clinic can help to make aware the local users. I came across multiple such banners in the next morning while I was searching for my dentist. These offline dental advertisement posters are effective for local users.
  • Searching dentist online – Yes, an online search is one of the easiest and smart ways to find anything including the best doctor. I choose this option and search for the dentist on a global search engine Google ( Other search engines are bing, yahoo etc). And found nearby dentists contact information, reviews, about the doctor, fees, availability, clinic timing and then able to shortlist few dentists. And the next day called them to finalize. This internet dental marketing strategy is a great way to reach new users which otherwise doctors can’t reach.
  • Checking Facebook – With over 2.2 billion users on Facebook, businesses use Facebook Advertising to promote services. Searching on relevant Facebook groups, or searching dentist nearby on Facebook can provide quality information about the dentist. Friends referrals are other few effective ways a dentist can be found. In my case, as I used to search dental related information in past, so on my Facebook account can see some dental advertisements especially from the clove.
  • Other Sources – Dentist can be found online from the online magazine, dental marketing blog, dental marketing vlog, youtube videos, dental marketing podcasts, dental gurus forum, doctors reviews website and other content-based sites.

So, as a dentist or dental clinic owner to reach your desire audience digital presence is crucial. Facebook smart marketing, re-marketing, influential marketing, social media optimisation (SMO), local search engine optimisation (SEO), chat-bot marketing are few of ways a doctor can promote his/her orthodontic services.

Note: There are several tools available for digital marketing to capture your target audience. But, only with effective marketing strategy, content creation and following experts advice can only generate results.

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Who are we?

Web3 Dental Solution is the dental vertical of Web3Solution. We provide Digital Marketing services for dental professionals so that they can grow their practice and reach a level which is difficult to reach with regular or no marketing.


Our most popular dental marketing services


Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization to drive free organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Google Map Optimisation, Google business page creation and optimization, local keywords optimization, digital asset creation are few to name.


Dental Facebook marketing – Helping in strategy development, setup, optimizing and managing paid Facebook dental ads campaign.


Instagram Marketing – Instagram is a part of Facebook and like Facebook marketing, we also help in setup Instagram marketing campaign for your dental clinic.


Google ads – Our Certified Google Adwords professional helps in keywords research, ads creation, campaign setup, monitoring Google ads to generate more leads for your clinic.


Blogs – Blog content creation, management are few areas we also help our doctors.


Patient reviews – To start any online presence clients reviews are a smart way to build trust with your future patients. We also help in building trust.

Steps we follow 

  • Phone consultation
  • Questionnaire
  • Meeting
  • Contract
  • Start
Helping business to grow

Our CRO Audit Plans

Below are our standard CRO audit report packages, we can also provide custom pricing packages when requested.


  • 1 initial website user testing video
  • Heatmap and click stream testing on 4 pages
  • Online project management scheduling
  • Conversion tracking code setup


  • 2 initial website user testing videos
  • Heatmap and click stream testing on 8 pages
  • Confirmation/thank you page setup
  • Shopping cart abandonment testing
  • $3000 Initial Investment


  • 4 initial website user testing videos
  • Heatmap and click stream testing on 16 pages
  • Google Ads landing page conversion audit (one-time)
  • Landing page creation
  • $6,000 Initial Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

How to promote dental implants?2020-08-04T15:44:17+00:00

While working with different dentist for several years we found that most dentists are looking for dental implant patients. Local or international implant patients is the most deserving lead. To help our doctor clients we have developed a workable detailed digital marketing strategy.

Here are a few factors we consider while developing our digital marketing strategy for dental implant leads.

  • Who are the contenders?
  • What they are accomplishing?
  • Why the competitors are on the initial page of Google?
  • How we can enhance the users’ experience?
  • What are the quality appropriate backlinks we can get?
  • Can we be awarded as “featured listed”?
  • What are the keywords we should target and why? (Example: Whether we should target “implant specialist” or “dental implant” or “dentist in location” etc)

Investigating all these circumstances we create a strategy and then execute accordingly.

Digital marketing is like a game of chess. We always need to create a distinct strategy for a diverse market and complex conditions.  Seldom we execute dental implant Facebook campaign with a chatbot. In other occasions, we execute local SEO marketing to target the regional audience. In other cases, we help in complete digital marketing to generate dental implant leads.

How to promote an orthodontic practice?2020-08-04T15:45:13+00:00

There are various ways to promote the orthodontic practice and market your practice. Some of the tactics are as follows:

  • Create a landing page with your orthodontic practice details. Highlight all the unique sales proposition about your practice. Let users know what you do and feel confident.
  • Create a reward program for your patients. Ask them to refer you and for that give them some compensation.
  • Create a membership plan for your patients so you can get repeat users.
  • Create a local Facebook paid ads campaign to target victims who need orthodontic service
  • Strengthen your network with the celebrated dentist in your neighbourhood.
  • Focus on online local SEO marketing. Boost keywords that matter you most.
  • Mount your customer base, keep in touch with your subjects. Help them build your reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Produce quality and valuable content and spread across your network.

Following this process, you can increase patient volume in your dental office and get more patients into your practice.

I have a non-English dental website can you help in promotion?2021-04-18T19:41:58+00:00

Yes, we can help in promoting non-English dental websites! We have successfully worked with doctors from Iceland, Canada, Europe, and the middle east. The languages we handled are french, Icelandic, Arabic and English.

Kindly contact us so we can review before considering your project.

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