Google March 2016 Updates

This month in Analytics: discover the new Google Analytics 360 Suite. Learn about Autotrack for analytics.js, drive value with analytics and more. Say hi to the new Google Analytics 360 Suite.

* New features from Google

The new Google Analytics 360 Suite

Say hi to the Google Analytics 360 Suite – built for the enterprise. It helps you better understand people. And how they behave, by giving you a better handle on all your marketing data.

Get deep insights you can use to create more engaging experiences. That experiences are more meaningful to people. Result in higher returns on all your marketing investments.


Introducing Autotrack for analytics.js

Autotrack for analytics.js is a new solution to this problem. It attempts to leverage as many Google Analytics features as possible. While requiring minimal manual implementation. It gives developers a foundation for tracking data relevant to today’s modern web.


Deeplinking from Google Analytics to AdWords

We want to make it easier to take action in AdWords based on insights you generate from the AdWords reports in GA.

That’s why Google launched deeplinking from the AdWords reports in GA to AdWords itself.


* Tips and Best Practices

From Insights to Impact: Driving Value with Analytics

The Google Analytics team is all about turning insights into action. Google commissioned a study with Harvard Business Review. Google wanted to understand how great companies are using insights to drive customer value.


Mumzworld reaches 300% ROAS with Google Analytics

Through remarketing and automated reports for out-of-stock products. Day-over-day, Mumzworld, an Ecommerce brand, was able to see growth in total conversions. Conversion rate and maintain a ROAS at 300% across top channels.


Advanced Segments – An Analyst’s Best Friend

Advanced Segments are quite possibly the most powerful slice-and-dice tool available in Google Analytics. Google Analytics Advocate Krista Seiden explores this important and key feature of Analytics. She explores in a post on her digital marketing blog.


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