In this era of information, sometimes the truth is ignored for superficial news. Now-a-days, most of the popular leaders, companies have their own verified tweeter accounts. And millions people follow them on social media like twitter. So fascinating!

As a digital marketing company, we run multiple social media optimization campaigns for our clients. A normal routine we do monthly SMO audit for our client’s. This audit helps us to understand the impact of twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts on sales or lead generation.

Out of curiosity we thought to analyze some popular leaders’ twitter account. What we found out is surprising for us. Let us share some of our findings:

  • Donald Trumph – According to twitter audit the American president, Donald trump has 15,910,994 Real and 15,044,248 Fake followers. Means 49% of the followers are fake.

Donald trump's fake twitter follower

  • Narendra Modi – According to twitter audit the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi has 13,267,469 Real and 15,574,854 Fake followers. Means 54% of the followers are fake. Quite shocking for me.

Narandra modi fake twitter followers

  • Barak Obama – According to twitter audit the 44th President of America, Bark Obama has 70,751,460 Real and 18,468,540 Fake followers. Means 21% of the followers are fake.

Barak Obama's fake twitter followers

  • Hillary Clinton – According to twitter audit the 67th USA secretary, Hillary Clinton has 9,633,162 Real and 6,081,621 Fake followers. Means 39% of the followers are fake.

Hillary Cllinton's fake twitter followers

  • Priyanka Chopra – According to twitter audit the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant, Priyanka Chopra has 10,536,751,082 Real and 5,648,375 Fake followers. Means 35% of the followers are fake.

Priyanka Chopra's fake twitter followers

This is quit fascinating information for us.  We are confident; the experts who are handling these accounts must have some strategy.  May be to draw real followers, they are faking. Except this one reason we can’t see any real purpose. Also, we don’t think to have over 35% fake followers is unintentional.

We never suggest accumulating fake followers to our clients.  It may be impressive to show large amount of fake followers to future followers but not worth it for small business owners!  Fake followers can’t add or share values. So, as a digital marketing agency we’ll not suggest such practices.


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Over to you

  1. Tell us what do you think the reason these big celebrities are having fake followers?
  2. Is it intentionally and ethical?
  3. Is it worth to purchase fake twitter followers?
  4. Will you purchase fake followers for your twitter account?

Share your thoughts. We’ll publish your thoughts on our site so that we all can learn and fine tune our social media marketing strategies.