97% of our customers use Google analytics to track users activities. Setting up of Google analytics and creating right goals with sales funnel is crucial to analyze user’s behavior. For conversion optimization setting up of proper analytics code across the site and thank you page, placing right code on the site and then defining analytics goal is crucial for any successful analysis.

Last week a old client approached us to fix analytics problem. The client has an eCommerce goal set up as follows –

However, the funnel itself doesn’t show the drop off from cart through to checkout confirmation. Client wants us to fix this quickly without accessing the website’s code.


To handle the situation we followed following steps:

Step 1. First checked the Google analytics code properly installed across the website or not. There are various paid tools you can use to test that. Although you can use this free tool, gachecker.com, to test the Google analytics properly installed or not.

Step 2. Then checked the settings on the google analytics account how different parameters set. For example if you have an https website then the analytics should have the site url as https not http.

Step 3. After that, check the goal in question. Check the funnel setup, goal type and proper strategy to track proper performance.

Step 4. To test the goal, create multiple goals with different funnel setup to cross check the performance.

After following all these steps, we created a new goal and created the proper funnel and then the drop off from cart started recording.

Over to you

Have you faced such Google analytics issues?
How did you solve the issue?