Sales and leads generation is the primary goal for most of the website. Webmaster or business owners invest, create and promote websites. The main aim is to increase sales and generate profit.

The most common website owner’s question we often hear is

how can I increase sales on my website?

We worked a decade in the digital marketing field with over a thousand customers. We helped website owners to increase revenue. Considering our vast experience and the result we delivered here are some suggestions.

Ways to increase sales on a website:

  1. Define a goal – Every page of a website should have a clear goal and direction for a user. Assume, a user lands on the home page and finds a video. The user watches the video and the video closes. What is the next step the user should follow? As a webmaster, you need to define goals for every page and element of the website. That helps users to engage on the website and hence the chance for a sale increases.
  2. Define sales funnel – A website should have primary and secondary sales funnels. Clear and strategic sales funnels increase sales on a website. Assume, you have furniture selling e-commerce website. A new customer most likely will not buy from this website on the first visit. For such users, we can provide some offers to capture email ids or phone number to contact in future. This approach will increase the chance of sales. Isn’t it?
  3. Increase trust – Think of a website where you placed an order recently. When you placed your payment details have you felt secure? , your website should follow all the aspects to make it feel secure. To increase website’s trust add HTTPS secure protocol, trusted seal, or Norton seal. Besides that, add video or text testimonials from real users. When user will believe your site, they will pay.
  4. Reduce friction – Remove unnecessary elements from the website. Often we see on the website large, fast-moving, sliding banners without clear call-to-action. Such elements cause friction for users. As user get confused what banner to check, what to do next. Remove such elements which not contributing value.
  5. Increase motivation – While receiving an unexpected gift or incentive were you happy? I bet you were. Similarly, users also expect some unexpected gifts. Gifts like free coupon, ebook etc; motivates users to share personal details. Use this tactic to allure your potential customer.
  6. Increase value proposition – While selling a product you are competition with competitors. Why a user will buy from you if it is available with your competitor? That is a value proposition. Either provide additional services or reduce prices depending on the situation. But, you need to positively look apart from your competitor.
  7. Reduce loading time – In today’s world, we want everything fast. Similarly, a user wants a website to load faster. Make your website load within 3 seconds on any device. Faster websites observe higher conversion and also SEO ranking. According to –

    “The first 5 seconds of page load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. Website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time (between seconds 0-5) Website conversion rates drop by an average of 2.11% with each additional second of load time (between seconds 0-9)

  8. Make responsive – Check your website’s analytics report. I am sure you will see your mobile and tablet users are more than 50% than desktop users. 10 years back we used to have 99%, desktop users. As time is changing, so you need to think about the future. Make sure your website loads properly on mobile, smartphone and desktop devices. You can use a free tool like to test responsiveness.
  9. Follow the traffic – Check your analytics and you will find top 5 pages will drive more than 50% of your total traffic. Go and check your analytics. So, focus on those high traffic pages. Improve loading time, AB test and optimize those page. If you use your resource effectively, you will see higher sales.
  10. Think like a user – Increasing sales is not rocket science. Consider yourself as a user of your website. Check the sales flow. Check the sales pitch, the email you received, the membership section etc. Are you happy? Note all your points. Also, you can use user testing services who can visit your website and give a view. Consider those, think about how you can improve your service further.
  11. Test, Test and test – Life is dynamic, likewise, a website’s life is also dynamic. You need to adjust your strategy, tactic according to your competitor’s. Use different testing tools like vwo, optimize to test different changes. See the impact on revenue generation, user’s behaviour. Beleive on statistical data not on your guts feeling.


Not sure what to do? Don’t have time?

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