To hide the after comment text in any WordPress site is not easy. You will require to access the code file to make necessary changes. Today, I will show you step by step process to make the necessary code changes to hide the after comment text.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

Image of Before comment Section


The goal of this article is to show the steps to remove the above-mentioned text below the comment section. You check and slide the bellow images that are showing Before & After images. In the following section, we will explain all steps in detail.

Image of Before comment SectionImage of After comment section

Step 1: Find information to access the WordPress files

To execute the abovementioned task you need to find ways to access the website’s code files. Here are a few ways you can access code files:

a. Using the FTP details you can able to access files. You need FTP host, username and password to access the website’s file. If you don’t have then can contact the server team or your development team.

b. Alternatively, you can simply install WP Manager plugin in your WordPress Site’s backend and you can able to access the files. This is much easy process. Although, this can impact your server security. So, once you complete the whole process remove the plugin for your site’s safety.

Step 2: Find comments.php file

how to access comments.php file

To access the comments.php file Navigate to ‘yourwordpresswebsite/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/’ directory.

The above image explains visually how you can able to reach the comments.php file using WP Filemanager Plugin.

Step 3: Make necessary code change

To edit the comments.php file, just download the file and open the file.

Once you are done you will see code like the bellow, highlighted in Blue.

You need to edit this code.

Comment notes after

After the code change, this section will look like bellow

After code change

The above code explains all the comment notes that were calling now removed. And that the reason => ‘ ‘ is defined.

Step 4: Save and test

Once you have done, just click on the save and upload the file and replace the old file on the server.

Remember to always take a backup of the old file, so if any issue arrives you can replace easily.


Hope you now able to understand how you can remove the after comment text for a WordPress website. If you are a non-technical person then we will suggest you to use the help of WP file manager to access the file and follow the necessary steps.

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