[Tweet “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”] – Bill Gates

Every business person wants to make his/her business a successful entity. To build a successful business, these entrepreneurs requires a lot of sacrifices. To become successful most of the business person often face failures and learning from those failures to gradually reach their destination. But, in this process sometimes due to over confidence or lack of knowledge or experience these individuals often fail.

Last night, I watched an interesting video on NatGeoWild and today I like to share what I learned from this video. The video tell us the following:

“Hailing from specific North West the rough-skin newt is one rough customer. Looking for the tiny invertebrate, it is wondered out of the riverside territory and entered into the garden snake. The newt seems unaware or concerned. Tiny glands in its skin are home to deathly bacteria they produce tetrodotoxin, a lethal poison that paralyses the mussels stopping the diaphragm and heart. Garden snakes though have evolved tetrodotoxin tolerance. In the arms race between snake and newt have led higher and higher levels of resistance and toxicity.

To the point, that newt can take enough poison to kill a creature far larger than its normal predators, like a human.

So the question becomes, which animal is further long in the race. The newt arches its back and displays its orange underbelly. A clear signal is not to be messed with. The garden snakes decide it’s not worth to risk. But the same can’t be said for all predators.

The newt returns to its stream only to encounter another threat.

Bullfrogs are insatiable and indiscriminate. It swallows the newt’s whole body. Inside the bullfrogs belly it’s a race between the stomach’s acid and the newt’s poison. The frog collapses and dies.

The newt climbs out and it’s finally on the way home.”

You can check the video bellow:

What this video teaches us?

  • First of all, size doesn’t matter. The skills or quality of an individual matters the most. Like the newt is small in size then snake but the snake understood the danger and preferred to quit.
  • Power is useless till its exercise. The newt displayed the power and the bullfrog learned in a hard way. Also, keep in mind with power responsibility also increases. So, don’t misuse power.
  • Don’t judge other with their external appearance.  Respect other for their achievement and skills. Like the snake did.
  • Don’t be overconfident or stop learning. The bullfrog was overconfident or has less knowledge about newt and that caused its life.
  • Be vigilant to detect a thug. Like snake was smart enough to detect newt but the bullfrog was ignorant.


Our life is a long journey and every day we should open our minds to learn a new thing and upgrade our skills. We also should not expect success always, but we should learn from our failures. As per George S. Patton  “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”

For a business person, one should focus on increasing business value, gathering soft and hard powers to handle the tough situation, and displaying power to show others that you are not weak. This approach saved newt and that they will not mess with you easily.  Once, you’re ready then your business becomes more secure to move towards next level.

For business owners who are eager to execute conversion rate optimisation you need to show your business strength to your customers to build trust and credibility. Moreover, work on improving product or services that helps you to standout from your compitiros. Once, you gather your credibility and strength display your power through marketing. This way you can increase website’s return on investment.

Hope you like this article. Don’t hesitate to share your views or experience with us. Your valuable opinion means a lot to us.