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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development Service

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development Service


(4 customer reviews)

Affordable AMP development service. Implement AMP to your existing website or build a new AMP website. Faster your website with AMP html, also know as diet html. It’s secure, fast and affordable.

Important: Before placing an order please provide your AMP project’s details. We need to know number of  pages we need to develop, customization requirement. Once, we’ll have necessary information we will provide a fixed cost.

Product Description

The AMP optimization project is started by Google. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the need of the hour to generate more traffic from mobile users then. For search engine optimization accelerated mobile pages(AMP) is an important factor. Good part is that your AMP site can work with your existing website. So you don’t have to worry about redeveloping your existing website.

The next decade will be an era of mobile phones. You might recently observed that over 50% of your web traffic arrives from mobile devices. 5 years back this device specific statistic was different. Your desktop users were more than your mobile or table traffic.
With the technological advancement users behavior, habits changing rapidly. As a result, you need to upgrade your site with new technologies to improve user experience.

Google also advocating the need of websites with amp. The need of the hour is to opt for an accelerated mobile pages (AMP) development services. Putting in place AMP will improve mobile users experience and user engagement. Thus return on investment will increase for your business.

In today’s fast world, every day we see new technological innovations, advancements. In last decade digital marketers saw a huge web technology enhancement.

To stay ahead in the competition digital marketers updated their websites, apps. Implemented responsive design, mobile compatibility, UI/UX design, and structured data. Now it’s time to implement AMP optimization.

What is the difference between AMP and responsive design (RWD)?

Let me compile a comparison table to explain the difference:


Responsive Web Design (RWD)Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
RWD is focused on flexibilityAMP is focused on speed
RWD is a method of designing and organizing so a website loads properly on any devicesAMP project is a framework designed for delivering content on mobile devices instantly
RWD would replace an existing websiteAMP can work with an existing website
RWD is a method of designing and organizing so a website loads properly on any devicesAMP project is a framework designed for delivering content on mobile devices instantly
RWD can be used for any websiteAMP only works for static content
RWD was not created by GoogleAMP optimization project was created by Google
RWD is not provide better user experience than AMP for mobile usersAMP provides a better user experience
Not deliver mobile-friendly content as fast as possibleDeliver mobile-friendly content as fast as possible
Fully-featured for websites that has custom JS or formsNot full-featured for websites that has custom JS or forms
Good for non-static pages mobile experience.Effective for static pages mobile experience

Here are the tags that AMP supports

AMP supporting tags

Example of a responsive design page (RWD) VS Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

AMP vs RWD example

What are the advantages of Google AMP optimization?

Let me list you the advantages of Google AMP optimization

Reduced Load Time – Google introduced AMP to load mobile content as fast as possible. This framework helps to reduce loading time..

AMP Stamps on Search Engines – The sites which are powered by AMP are clearly marked on search results. This stamps increase trust for users to choose the search result.

No Custom Solutions – To accessible across all devices Accelerated mobile pages are designed. Make then ideal for mobile solution.

Enhanced SEO – Customize web contents not must in AMP implementation. AMP is like a diet HTML and AMP project is a Google product. It helps search engines to discover web page content with ease.

Low Bounce Rate – Mobile users experience increases, the loading time reduces using AMP. As a result bounce rate reduces and conversion rate increases.

How the AMP development process works?

Our AMP experts have already developed optimized hundreds of AMP websites. AMP project is an evolving platform, new features keep on adding. Our AMP professionals keep learning from official Google updates of AMP project. Website with AMP requires deep technical knowledge.

We follow a hassle-free and professional accelerated mobile page development process. Our main goal is to deliver a high quality project on time and within budgets. The steps we follow are as follows:

Step 1: Gather Project Information

We will send you questionnaires to gather project information. You need to fill those forms. It’s easy and fast to complete these forms.

Step 2: Analysis of Gathered information

We create detailed “Project Requirement Sheet” (PRS) from analysis of gathered data. We share PRS with you.

Step 3: Evaluation & Brainstorming

Our AMP professional team members discuss, evaluate, and implement your feedback. Prepare and share the final project quotations and time estimation.

Step 4: Project Kickstart

After your approval, the project initiated. We assign dedicated project manager as one contact point for you.

Step 5: Project Delivery

Dedicated project manager will share the plan of action. He/she will address your questions and delivers project per shared plan.

Why us as your amp development company?

‘Google AMP Implementation (AMP)’ or ‘Google Mobile First Indexing’ (MFI) is not easy to put in place. You need profession AMP experts to execute AMP and to get 86% faster web pages. An increased mobile visibility and improved Search engine optimization (SEO) are other benefits.

We are an affordable Google AMP development company in India. We develop the best, fast-smart coded websites within budgets. Our adaptive scale-able solutions, for different devices (mobile and tablets), are our specialty.

When it comes to hiring AMP developers then Web3solution is the best solution. Following are few reasons to hire us as your AMP developer. Make your AMP implementation easy.

High Quality Code

To write quality code need smart developers. With over ten years’ experience in the development field our AMP coders are the best. Our Accelerated mobile page developers code in well-formatted, light-weight and easy to manage. This will save your ongoing maintenance cost. Our AMP code is industry standard compliance.

Fast Turnaround Time

Time is money. We respect your deadlines. With years of experience we set realistic deadline and deliver on time.

Free Support

We’ve 200 days free support after amp theme delivery. We’re friendly, professional, feel proud and confident about our work.


Our clients are from USA, UK, Australia and India and we provide 24×7 support. So, no need to worry for time zone difference.

Billing & Data Privacy

We follow simple billing process. We’ve flexible engagements as well. Besides that, we also follow Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to save your data.

What are you waiting for to convert your website with amp?

Our Accelerated Mobile Page developers have rich expertise in AMP implementation. Implementing the best Google mobile indexing compatible pages will become easy for you. You can also make your existing page AMP compatible.

Hire AMP developers, AMP designers and feel the difference. Save time, money and ongoing maintenance cost. Hire your reliable AMP experts today!

4 reviews for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development Service

  1. Nick H.

    This was my first AMP project. Initially I was concerned about this project. But the team teach me about AMP project, answer all my questions and the end delivery was spot on. I tested the code using Google AMP testing tool. The score was 100/100. The team is absolutely pro in amp development. Team delivered the project before deadline. Well done!

  2. Malcom

    Web3solution was quick with the work, responsive, and revised the AMP design until I was happy. I recommend to work with Web3solution.

  3. Chris A.

    Excellent Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) developers. Highly recommended!

  4. Mike D.

    We have a real-estate large website. Team helped us to create a robust amp site. We observed a spike in google organic traffic after implementing AMP. We also check google webmaster tool and initially it was showing few AMP errors but after the completion of the work there is no error. Excellent AMP development team. If you want to add AMP, hire this company and you will find the best solution at affordable price.

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