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Are you looking for a professional keyword researcher? Don’t know where to start with advanced keyword research? Hire our keyword research professionals to save time and money.

Simply put… When it comes to keyword research success, this is the BEST return on investment ROI you will ever make!


This is the most extensive and high-quality keyword research available, and you can use it to improve your SEO and Adwords campaigns quickly; We’ll find significantly more valuable keywords than any other vendor.

We start by generating keywords from a variety of sources, resulting in incredibly detailed information (The free Google Planner, which is what most other providers offer, is far less detailed).

We thoroughly analyse the keywords after we acquire them in order to offer you with the critical information you require. For instance, the regular package includes monthly search traffic for the United States (if you like a different nation, just let us know), SEO difficulty (SD)  from Moz, and Adwords analytics (average price and competition data).

So you’ll get a spreadsheet with all of the keywords found, as well as research details like monthly search traffic, SEO difficulty (a number out of 100, with higher being more difficult), Google Ads (Adwords) cost, and Google Ads competitiveness score.

Note: Please keep in mind that we no longer have access to specific search traffic figures because Google only gives them to people who have active Google Ads (Adwords) accounts and spend money on them. So the data is in ranges, such as 10-100 or 100-1000, which makes it a little fuzzy, and this isn’t the place to go if you need precise data.

Feel free to place an order if you’re okay with the ranges; it’s still a wonderful way to find great keywords and get a sense of what’s popular.

When ordering this service, please include your seed subjects or themes so that we know exactly what we’re looking for; the more recommendations you can make here about how your clients might search, the better.

Information Required to Start

Please submit your website and the topics you’d want to research; the more topics and seed keywords you can provide, the more data you’ll get.

Additional Services

We also provide extra services that can be quite useful with keyword research. To combat your competitor, you’ll need a service that groups keywords to make them easier to use, as well as a service that researches competitors’ keywords and links. For more information contact us.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to rank on the top page of Google?2021-08-22T20:21:32+00:00

According to ahrefs, majority of the landing pages manage to rank within 61 to 182 days. Check bellow graphs

ranking performance by ahref

lucky pages by ahreaf

Is keyword research the same as SEO?2021-08-22T19:54:02+00:00

The process of identifying and analysing search words that individuals enter into search engines with the intention of using the information for a specific purpose, such as SEO or general marketing, is known as keyword research.
SEO keywords might be anything from a single word to a long phrase, and they’re used to inform website content in order to increase organic search traffic. They are used by your audience when they are seeking for something related to your brand.

What is the best keyword research technique in SEO?2021-08-22T19:53:26+00:00

Here are six keyword research approaches that are frequently utilized in SEO.

  • Keyword research in bulk.
  • Keyword research on competitors.
  • Keywords for crowdsourcing
  • Keyword research using long-tail keywords.
  • SERP keyword suggestions
  • Keywords that are currently popular.
Are keywords important for SEO?2021-08-22T19:52:14+00:00

Keywords are still important and necessary in SEO in 2022, but they aren’t the most important factor. This is owing to the fact that SEO is far more difficult than simply adding keywords to a page. Furthermore, because SEO is continuously changing as search engines change their algorithms, businesses must adapt their keyword strategies.

What is a keyword in PPC?2021-08-22T19:51:41+00:00

Keywords are at the heart of everything in PPC. Keywords are used to designate where your ads will appear. In Google Ads, a keyword is a single word or a set of words that you employ in your ads.

How many keywords should I use for SEO?2021-08-22T19:51:14+00:00

Starting with around 5 keywords (each with a monthly search traffic of >100+) is recommended for most small enterprises. For some businesses, this may not seem like much, but selecting five keywords does not guarantee that your website will rank for those keywords or generate traffic from those terms.

What are types of keywords?2021-08-22T19:50:44+00:00

A keyword’s length can be classified into three categories:

  1. Long-tail keywords are those that have a lot of variations (also known as head, broad, or generic keywords)
  2. Lengthy-tail keywords are those that have a long tail.
  3. Lengthy-tail keywords are those that have a long tail.
How many keywords is too many?2021-08-22T19:49:47+00:00

Each keyword should be carefully chosen and placed. Do not exceed 20 keywords per page, regardless matter whether the required keyword density corresponds to the amount of content. You should research all keywords thoroughly before making your decisions.

How many keywords should you use per page?2021-08-22T19:49:12+00:00

Choose a single main keyword. For each page, one main keyword should be targeted. It’s fine to target three or even five keywords on a single page, but choose one to be the primary. Any secondary keywords can help you develop your post.

How do you write keywords?2021-08-22T19:48:38+00:00

Single-word keywords are permissible, but they may provide a large number of misleading results. Include terms and phrases that offer a sense of the problem in your keywords. Any terms or phrases that are pertinent to your topic should be included.

What are the 4 types of keywords in PPC?2021-08-22T19:48:05+00:00

Paid Search Keywords Are Divided Into Four Types

  • Broad. Many individuals feel that broad keywords are the most common. It’s a broad match (for example, keyword).
  • Broad match modifiers are keywords that have a ‘+’ in front of them. (Take, for example, keyword+.)
  • Phrase. Keywords enclosed in quotation marks are known as phrase keywords. (For instance, “keyword”)
  • Exact. Place in the third bracket. (For instance, [keyword])
How do I generate keywords for my research?2021-08-22T19:46:54+00:00

The 5 W’s and H concept generation method is a great strategy to come up with new keywords/search terms or narrow down your topic. In this strategy, we ask a series of questions to extend the topic. The questions are who, what, when, where, why, and how.


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  1. Siah H.

    Excellent! Brian finished the job and followed up to make sure we were happy. I’m quite pleased with the result. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you for your quick response; your work has provided me a good start on our keyword research.

  3. Phil S.

    Brian went above and beyond, providing me with a thorough list that I will immediately begin implementing. It comes with a strong recommendation!

  4. Sam S.

    Brian did a fantastic job putting my keyword list together. He was meticulous, and he finished the job quickly.

  5. Tola A.

    Brian has provided a thorough analysis that will be really useful in our SEO and PPC strategies.

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    Wow! The data was delivered much sooner than I expected, and it was really beneficial.
    Thank you so much for everything. I’ve saved it as a favourite and will return.

  7. Paul C.

    Brian performed an excellent job identifying the best keywords for my new website.

  8. Daniel F

    Great service, always available, and gave me a clear document defining a large number of keywords. I strongly advise you to do so. :)

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    Superb! It was an amazing experience with terrific results. In the future, I plan to work on projects with Web3solution.

  10. Clara L.

    Brian was a delight to work with. He had a clear idea of what I was planning to accomplish. His keyword research was thorough, and he offered advice on how to get the most useful information from the data in a timely manner. Brian is someone I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  11. Paul C.

    Excellent work…provided precisely what I requested and more. I would recommend it and use it again if the situation arises.

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