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Looking for low-cost, easy-to-manage sales funnels that convert at an extremely high rate? Are you looking for a ClickFunnels sales funnel that converts effectively, is easy to use, and isn’t too costly? Are you seeking for an expert in ClickFunnels with a lot of experience?

Then we’ll be able to assist you. We specialise in ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels experts, site designers, and developers are on ready to help you. Allow us to use ClickFunnels.com to build a high-converting sales funnel for you.

Remember, your business has only seven seconds to make an impression on potential customers. Let’s double-check if the impression is correct with ClickFunnels.


At Web3Solution, our ClickFunnels certified consultants are eager to help you. All of our ClickFunnels expert, ClickFunnels specialist, ClickFunnels designers and ClickFunnels developers can build unlimited sales funnels over varying complexities depending upon your requirements and experience.

Our ClickFunnels specialists or ClickFunnels ninjas can produce high converting sale funnels that don’t require you to spend a fortune.  As business owners ourselves, we realize that an affordable AND effective solution is what most businesses are looking for.

Frequently asked questions

What industries have the most ClickFunnels customers?2021-08-23T19:29:43+00:00

The following is a list of industries broken down by market segment.

  • Advertising and Marketing (9 percent )
  • Hospital and health-care services (8 percent )
  • Purchasing (7 percent )
  • Recreational Services and Facilities (6 percent )
  • Health, Fitness, and Wellness (5.5 percent )
  • Education is really important (5 percent )
What are the alternatives of ClickFunnels?2021-08-23T19:09:59+00:00

There are several ClickFunnels alternatives. Here’s a rundown of the top eight possibilities.

  1. Unbounce
  2. BuilderAll
  3. Instapage
  4. Samcart
  5. Ontraport
  6. Copper CRM
  7. PipeDrive
  8. Thrive Themes
What are the advantages of ClickFunnels?2021-08-23T18:59:03+00:00

There are many benefits to using ClickFunnels.

  • The ability to generate funnel pages fast
  • ClickFunnels is a flexible platform that allows for easy adjustments and upgrades.
  • Using ClickFunnels, you can integrate major e-mail and payment systems more quickly.
  • There are many professionally designed templates to choose from, all of which are easy to use and automate.
  • Methods of payment integration
  • For upsell, crosssell, and next sale procedures, business owners can use an incorporated email autoresponder
  • CRM system that is safe and secure.
  • There are 90+ webapps that have been incorporated.
Who uses ClickFunnels?2021-08-23T12:52:12+00:00

The most prevalent ClickFunnels users are businesses with 10-50 employees and a revenue of $1 million to $10 million. The data sis taken from enlyft.

What is the difference between ClickFunnels and WordPress?2021-08-23T12:26:13+00:00

WordPress is a website builder, while ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder. WordPress is perfect if you only need a simple, low-cost website. ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool to use if you want to sell more products and get more leads for your business.

Can you make money with ClickFunnels?2021-08-23T12:25:21+00:00

Yes, ClickFunnels can assist you in generating revenue. It, like anything else, necessitates hard work and effort. The bulk of people who use ClickFunnels make money by either building online sales funnels that automate and speed up the buying process for website visitors or by becoming affiliates of their product and bringing in new customers.

Can I use ClickFunnels as a website?2021-08-23T12:21:39+00:00

Yes, you can! While ClickFunnels may be used to replace a traditional website, it can also be used to guide visitors through the sales process by certifying leads at each level and guaranteeing that visitors convert and you make money.

Is ClickFunnels good for SEO?2021-08-23T12:19:41+00:00

That’s not the case, and here’s why. Search engine optimization was not a consideration when ClickFunnels was launched. Because social network traffic, rather than search engine traffic, is a cornerstone of ClickFunnels’ sales funnel philosophy, ClickFunnels isn’t very good for SEO right out of the box.

What do we require to get started on your ClickFunnels project?2021-08-23T12:18:52+00:00

Please give us with the following information (ClickFunnels Expert).

  1. Sales copy appears on every landing page.
  2. Please offer any examples of how you want these landing pages to look, as well as any materials that should be included.
  3. If you have any examples or draughts of landing sites or funnels that you like or have had success with, please share them with us. As a consequence, everything will be a lot easier and faster!
  4. We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to make sure we have all of the information and details we need to ensure your success. This is necessary for us to begin working on the project.
  5. Any images you’d like to include on the website. We may provide and source images for an additional fee.
  6. Your ClickFunnels account login details.
  7. If you wish to utilise ClickFunnels with a custom domain, you’ll need to input the name server details for your domain.

Skyrocket conversions today with our low-cost, easy-to-use ClickFunnels sales funnels service.

What should I do with my non-functioning ClickFunnels?2021-08-23T11:47:54+00:00

Do you currently have any ClickFunnels sales funnels that aren’t performing as well as you’d like? We can examine your current situation, recommend best practices and solutions, and assist you in making the right decision. We may then clone any funnel, delete funnels, or construct and launch new funnels based on your needs.


What popular integration ClickFunnels support?2021-08-23T11:43:19+00:00

Here are some of the most common ClickFunnels integrations that ClickFunnels supports and that we’ve implemented.

  • ClickFunnels Paypal Integration
  • ClickFunnels Facebook Integrations
  • ClickFunnels Exit Pop
  • ClickFunnels Email Integration
  • ClickFunnels Google Analytics
  • ClickFunnels Google Tag Manager
  • ClickFunnels GotoWebinar Integration

Please contact us if you have any particular integration requirements.

How to measure ClickFunnels performance?2021-08-23T11:38:36+00:00

Want to know what’s working, where it’s working, and how it’s working in your sales funnel? That was simple! We’ll also assist you in integrating Google analytics for sales funnel performance detection. Also, if you wish to use Google Tag Manager, our ClickFunnels trained consultant can help you with that.

What ClickFunnels services does Web3solution provide?2021-08-23T20:04:11+00:00

There are many options! The greatest moment to hire a ClickFunnels professional is right now. In this service bundle, we’ll deliver the following using our ClickFunnels Ninja approach.

Click Funnels can be created in a variety of ways:

  • One Opt-in Page
  • One Sales Page
  • One Upsell Landing Page
  • One Downsell Landing Page
  • One Thank-you Page

We start our process by knowing about you, your company, and your goals. This is crucial for a project’s success. Once we’ve established a clear knowledge of your goals, we’ll work with you to develop a sales funnel that is both productive and appropriate for your target audience.

As we progress through the process, our conversion rate optimization experts will provide input and testing. Don’t worry, they’ll deploy more “ClickFunnel ninja magic” to boost conversion rates even higher!

Also, our knowledge with platforms like WordPress and Leadpages is part of our ClickFunnel ninja strategy. And, because to our team’s decades of experience, we can use Clickfunnels to design an effective and high-converting sales funnel. We’re ClickFunnels experts, and we can assist you utilise and get the most out of every feature that will help you increase your revenue.

Remove the concern and growth from your to-do list. We make this a low-cost and effective option for you and your organisation to get started with ClickFunnels. Our CRO professionals will offer this selling funnel ready to go right out of the box with the support of our in-house ClickFunnels experts.

Why choose us as your ClickFunnels expert?2021-08-23T11:23:44+00:00

We have decades of experience in marketing, promotion, and optimization. Each of our designers has developed dozens of successful sales funnels and each of our engineers has at least 5 years of ClickFunnels experience. A few instances are given below:

  • Webinar sales funnel by professional ClickFunnels expert
  • Video sales funnel with delayed button
  • Facebook lead capture sales funnel
  • eBook download sales funnel
  • New product launch sales funnel
  • Single product sales funnel with payment gateway (Paypal, Stripe etc) integration
  • Sequential email marketing sales funnel
  • Long form sales funnel
  • Advanced marketing sales funnel


Why is ClickFunnels so expensive?2021-08-23T10:55:31+00:00

ClickFunnels is so pricey because it’s a page builder and a marketing tool in one, giving you everything you need in one spot. Because Click Funnels may serve as a one-stop-shop for some specialized marketing purposes, it’s well worth the investment.

Is Builderall better than ClickFunnels?2021-08-23T10:53:00+00:00

Builderall is a platform that is comparable to WordPress. It has a lot of great features and tools, but it doesn’t teach you how to create a high-converting landing page or sales funnel. Lead generation and product sales are better with ClickFunnels. Builderall is a better option if you only need a basic website.

How much ClickFunnels monthly?2021-08-23T19:04:11+00:00

There are two bundles to choose from. The first is the basic plan, while the second is the advanced plan. The base package of ClickFunnels costs $97.00 per feature, each month. There is no free version of the software available. ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. You can have up to three custom domains in your account.

The Advanced Plan is $297 per month (Advance plan includes ClickFunnels, Backpack and Actionetics). A 14-day trial period is available. You can add up to 9 custom domains to your account under this plan.

Are ClickFunnels worth it?2021-08-23T16:33:47+00:00

ClickFunnels is a marketing automation tool that automates the advertising and sale of your products. It has practically all of the tools and integrations you’ll ever require.

Clickfunnels was launched in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson, and it is now worth over $380 million. Clickfunnels has been paid by over 107,600 customers to far. 1.81 billion contacts, 9 million funnels and $12.1 billion processed.

Clickfunnels statistics as of 2021

Yes, it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. It’s well worth your time.


What is ClickFunnels expert?2021-08-23T10:20:06+00:00

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that enables businesses automate their whole sales process. Entrepreneurs and organisations use ClickFunnels to sell and advertise their products and services online. Clickfunnels is the better alternative if you’re just starting started selling stuff.

Professionals that assist in the design of sales funnels utilising the ClickFunnels platform are known as ClickFunnels experts. For example, Web3Solution has created hundreds of ClickFunnels websites and may be regarded a ClickFunnels expert.

16 reviews for Hire A ClickFunnels Expert

  1. Maria A.

    Petro is a true custom funnel builder. He helped me to build a sales funnel for our ticket booking service. Petro’s input to create a conversion-optimized sales funnel was effective. We took his advice and execute a few split tests. We found a positive impact on our conversion rate. Petro’s team is a true click funnel expert team. If you need any landing page optimization advice don’t hesitate to contact Web3solution’s team.

  2. Arun B.

    Highly satisfied with the sales funnel integration. We were looking for a team to help us to integrate Clickfunnles with WordPress. Web3 team quickly understood our requirements and within 48 hours delivered the work. Highly recommended!

  3. Frank A.

    Fantastic work from Rahul. He got straight to work, and you can see that he is a Clickfunnels pro. He was very helpful with any changes i needed to do, changes weren’t much as he got most of it right on first draft .Will be back. Thank you Rahul.

  4. George C.

    This is my second order. As usual excellent communication, quick turn around time and quality result. A++

  5. Hedinn A.

    These funnel experts build a high converting funnel for our webinar. That ClickFunnels landing page turned leads into buyers effectively. We able to automate our business quickly and with minimal cost. I can easily say they are click funnels guru. Highly recommended and affordable service.

  6. Constantin M.

    Petro is very professional, dives into every small detail of the project, takes into account the responsive behavior of the website and efficiently delivers according to agreed deadlines. He can be easily reached, replies to all questions and contributes his own experience and perspective whenever needed. I have been really happy to work with him and would certainly reach out to him for new projects in the future!

  7. Joe C.

    We were looking for clickfunnels certified professional who can build our complex funnel. Andrew is a click funnel expert. Not only he helped me to create the funnel, but also shared his experience to build a more effective sales funnel. Excellent work and a good communicator. Look forward to working together again in the future.

  8. Jeff A.

    The best sales funnel builder service! Thanks for the wonderful support and quick turn around time. We were initially skeptical to hire web3solution’s team to build our marketing funnel using Clickfunnels marketing funnel software. But, the final Click Funnels landing page was amazing. Thanks again. Will use this Clickfunnel funnel building service gain.

  9. Roberto D.

    Petro’s team, have taken our business to a completely new level that we didn’t even know was possible. As they implement the strategies, systems and an cost effective funnel system we mapped out, we know our success as a vacation company will exceed our highest expectations. If you’re looking to hire clickfunnels expert, hire Petro’s team!

  10. Thomas H.

    Great to work with. Every round of feedback was taken care off well and we have a great sales funnel right now!

  11. Virginia W.

    The seller was extremely attentive and nearly flawlessly followed my requirements, with only small changes. He’ll be my go-to guy for lead pages.

  12. Vish D

    Excellent work! This is the second time I’ve bought something from this seller. High-quality work. It’s quick, and the funnel is quite efficient.

  13. Tim C.

    The delivery exceeded my expectations, and communication was lightening fast! It comes with a strong recommendation.

  14. Linda H.

    I’m a repeat customer, and san will go out of his way to accommodate you so that the job gets done. He creates work that is exceptional and well worth the investment. Thanks

  15. San Growth Hacker

    Paula B.

    Sandip is an expert in the field of click funnels. He started by re-designing my out-of-date landing and checkout pages right away. Not only was his work superb, but it was also finished ahead of schedule! Sandip is the man for you whether you need help with click funnels design or just want to talk to a pro. Don’t waste time with anyone else; go straight to Sandip. Thank you once more for your outstanding work!

  16. Stephen B

    I had a great time working with San. He spent a lot of time helping me hash out my offer even before I hired him. Hire web3solution for any ClickFunnels project.

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