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Affordable Professional Setup for Testing on Optimizely


(3 customer reviews)

Setting up an A/A or A/B or Split or Multivariate Testing Campaign within 42 hours.
Starting from $425 $199*.
*Limited time offer

We’ll set up one testing campaign on for your targeted audience and landing page. We’ll watch the testing results for one month FREE of cost.

The cost include:

  1. Analysis of the landing page.
  2. Creation of hypothesis for the experiment.
  3. Install code on the website to track the performance.
  4. We’ll define the goal, segment and platform for the testing.
  5. Once the test is live we’ll track the performance and put in place strategy as per the situation.
  6. Generate a performance report end of 30 days.

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Product Description

Do you know your website is leaking revenue? 63% of webmasters optimize their websites based on guessing and assumptions. We help marketers to find a data-driven, field-tested advice for plugging conversion leaks using optimizely split, optimizely multivariate and optimizely AB testing.

There are different ways you can examine your website. To do any testing you need online tools like, VWO or Hotjar; alternatives to Optimizely . You can execute AB testing and Split testing using Optimizely. Multivariate testing is another option you can additionally use.

To start A/B Split or optimizely Multivariate testing, you can create a FREE new account. You can follow the instruction of Optimizely and setup test. But, this is a time-consuming process for a newbie.

You can hire a professional testing team to save time and who can generate results. We’ve executed over hundred Optimizely Multivariate, split and AB testings for websites. You can see Optimizely review section our clients testimonials. We’ve improved over 100% relative conversion rate.

Here are few Optimizely Multivariate A/B testing examples

212.1% Increase conversion Rate

212.1% Increase conversion Rate with 100% statistical significance.

39.3% Increase improve conversion rate

39.3% Increase improve conversion rate.

29.9% Increase improve conversion rate

29.9% Increased conversion rate.

We can help you out by setting up testing campaigns and getting things started. To setup Optimizely A/B, Split or Optimizely Multivariate testing we need the following information.

Please answer following questions for the Optimizely testing:

  1. How many campaigns do you need to set up?
  2. On what type of device (desktop, iPhone, iPad etc.) you want to test?
  3. When do you like to start the Multivariate, split or A/B Testing?
  4. What is your target audience for the experiment?
  5. What is the timeline?
  6. Is the Optimizely tracking code installed on the website?
  7. Do you have hypothesis ready for the tests?

In this CRO package, we will manage One A/B testing campaign for you.

The rest we will take care!

What do we need to get started the hassle-free ab testing service?

  1. account’s login details.
  2. The landing page URLs for the test.
  3. List the goals for the test. Also, provide us the thank you page URLs for setting up goals.
  4. Provide us the Google analytics access to study the business and user behaviour.

In extra cost, we can track your campaign and help you to generate positive testing results. For more information contact us.

Additional information


Standard (1 Test), Aggressive (3 Tests), Leader (8 Tests)

3 reviews for Affordable Professional Setup for Testing on Optimizely

  1. Bill

    In one word just perfect. With my A/B testing setup now I can see more than 124% relative conversion increase. Man, these guys know about all these stuff. Thank you.

  2. Daniel

    Quickly setup our 2 A/B testing campaigns within 40 hours. We are impressed with the professionalism to gather information from us and create hypothesis for the tests. Highly recommended.

  3. Smita

    We hired this guys for one of our client and we are so impressed that we are constantly promoting this service. High quality conversion optimisation work on such an affordable price, we can’t imagine. A++++

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