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Want to easily manage and automate social media posting?

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  • Automate social media publication

Want to easily manage and automate social media posting?


Automate social media postings using affordable social media experts. No ongoing maintenance costs.

We'll create an automated system. You just need to just schedule your posts on Google calendar. All posts will automatically publish on  Facebook fan page, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Save your time and money!

Product Description

Do you’ve facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn accounts? Want to directly publish your website’s content on social media? Don’t have time to manage all these accounts? Are you spending your hard earning money for maintaining a scheduling software? Do you want to schedule your posts in such a way that will increase users engagement? Do you want to automate social media publication? Do you want to save your ongoing spending?

If the answer is “yes” then you are in right place. We can create an automation system and you need to post your content at one place. The automatic system will publish the content on the different platforms as per schedule.

How does the automate social media?

1. You need to have a Gmail account. You can create it for free if you need to create a new one.

2. Once you’ll have the Gmail account, you can log-in on Gmail. Then visit Google calendar ( section.

3. We’ll use Google calendar to schedule posting. The schedule posting will contain images with a message to your Facebook Pages. All will be done through the automate social media process.

Directions to create posts on Google calendar.

You need to use one Google Calendar for each fan page you own.
Step 1 – Upload a photo to your blog, server, Flickr etc’ and copy the link (URL) to the photo.
Step 2 – Create a new event in Google Calendar with the title #fbimage.
Step 3 – Edit the event and paste the URL you created in step 1 to the “Where” field in that calendar event.
Step 4 – Type your message in the event’s “Description” field and hit save.
That’s it!
When the date and time arrives the photo will be uploaded to your Facebook fan page album. It will appear on your fan page’s wall (with the message) and on all your fans News Feeds!!!

2. From WordPress to facebook fan page (If you’ve a WordPress CMS driven website)

3. Post Update on your Facebook Fan Page gets sent to Twitter with link

4. Share link posts on your Facebook Page to LinkedIn

5. Facebook Page to Pinterest

All you need is to add content of you publication as an event on Google calendar. That’s it!

Using our automation system, content published on twitter, facebook, Pinterest etc websites. You don’t need to spend your time to publish content separately on each social media sites.

At web3solution, our social media experts developed a calendar for publication. Which contains the time, days etc. which can help in higher users engagement.

For example, the best time to publish content on facebook to get more share is at 1 pm EST. Similarly, we’ve other interesting statistical know-how.

What do we need to start the work?

  1. All social media account’s access.
  2. The contents you want to share. Provide us all contents in an xls file. (To research and find the suitable content to publish on social media requires extra cost. Contact us for more details)
  3. Gmail account’s access.

That’s it!


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