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do you want to improve users experience by improving your website’s speed? Is your site’s conversion rate is low for slow website speed? Are your website ranking is hurting for loading time issues? Do you want to give Google exactly what Google wants? Do you want a complete speed optimized website?

Optimize your website’s peed within 10 working days.

If your answer is yes, then you are in right place for a reliable and affordable solution. We have a well-known website speed optimization team to help you professionally. Ready to fix your website’s loading time fix within 10 working days?

Check your loading time now and if you need our help just place an order. Also, feel the form at the end of this page. We’ll do the rest. It’s fast, safe and secure.


Do you know how website speed optimization impact conversion rate?

Back in 2006, Amazon presented one of the first website speed optimization studies. The studies linking clear causation between page load time and online customer revenue. This summarized in Greg Linden’s presentation Make Data Useful.

Through A/B testing Greg showed surprising results. The result shows, every 100-millisecond delay in page rendering time resulted in sales loss. For every 100 ms 1% loss of sales for Amazon.

In more recent research, Intuit presented findings at Velocity 2013. From their recent effort to reduce page load time from 15 seconds to 2 seconds. During that effort, they observed a dramatic increase in conversions. For every second shaved off their page load time in a step that decreased with increasing speed.


  • +3% conversions for every second reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
  • +2% conversions for every second reduced from seconds 7 to 5
  • +1% conversions for every second reduced from seconds 4 to 2

So, in other words, there was tremendous value in the initial website speed optimization. And diminishing value as they got faster.

Kyle Rush from the 2011 Obama for America campaign site showed speed optimization’s impact. Through A/B testing that a 3-second page time reduction improved onsite donations by 14%. Resulting in an increase of over $34 million in election contributions.

We are sure you are also losing money for loading time optimization. Isn’t it? Why you are wasting your time, just act now!

Yes, we can optimize your website for speed performance and turn into a rocket.

What we will do for website speed optimization

  1. Analyse website’s current speed.
  2. On-site web speed performance optimization
  3. Optimize website images
  4. Combine images using CSS sprites
  5. Improve website theme to optimize speed
  6. Combine and minify JS
  7. Combine and minify CSS
  8. Minify HTML coding
  9. Page Cache improvement
  10. Enable page compression
  11. Optimize website Database to reduce processing time
  12. Update/remove or suggest replacements for your Plugins
  13. Setup and configure a content delivery network
  14. Site hosted on VPS or Dedicated server needs special attention. We can put in place further tuning to improve this server response time. And install the best configuration suited to your website.
  15. In extreme cases, we may also suggest you switch hosting provider.
  16. For a sensitive website, we can take a full replica copy of your current setup onto a temporary beta server. Put in place all changes on the replica before you agree the changes are appropriate for your live site.

Please note: There may be instances where the site is loading slowly. This is due to the server the website is hosted on (example: GoDaddy, Hostgator etc). The techniques we deploy may not have any effect if you are on a slow, shared hosting solution. Yet, we can communicate with the hosting company on your behalf. Attempt to resolve your server issues.

Reporting for website speed optimization

After work execution, we’ll deliver a summary report detailing the performance of your site. The comparative report will contain executed work and any changes implemented on the website.

What do we need to start the website speed optimization work?

We will need the following details to get started:

  1. URL of your website
  2. FTP/Cpanel details for your website.
  3. Potentially, we may need the ability to speak to your hosting company about server setup.

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