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Rent or Lease a website: Affordable Pay-As-You-Go website rentals!

Covid 19 has dramatically changed our lives. Many small companies struggle to survive. In this context, it is very challenging to invest a lump sum on a website. We are offering a website rental service to help such entrepreneurs. A website can be rented now.

Gain a functional website from only $1 per day. Our offer includes a hand-made professional responsive website, web hosting, business email, conversion rate optimization and monthly updates. You do what you do the best and let us manage your web presence.

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What is a Website Leasing or Website Renting?

Small or new businesses often struggle to pay thousands of dollars to build their new website and not have surplus money to promote them. Development of a website can be time-consuming and costly affairs. Website maintenanceserver costs, and designing costs can often get out of control. Moreover, to keep web-site current, constant tweaking and upgrading adds more time and cost.

So, there is a better way to handle this – renting or leasing a website!

According to Wikipedia “Website leasing is an agreement between the user (lessee) and the owner (lessor) whereby the privilege of using a website is offered in exchange for regular payments. Website Rental is a similar concept, however, often does not always require a fixed agreement.

The idea of website leasing or Rental is for a user to have a website promoting their products or services but not have any overall ownership of the site (in some cases the Domain name can be owned by the lessee or renter). Generally, the website owner will charge a monthly or annual fee for this service.

Steps For Our Website Rental

4 easy, fast and secure steps for website rental

You will receive eleven items from your rental website:

  • 100% custom website designed exclusive for your business—website architecture, design, logo, image and content, to your complete satisfaction.

  • No big cash deposit up front, just low pre-agreed monthly payments—your website pays for itself!

  • Professional guidance as you assemble and create the content for your site.

  • Choose a conventional site, a blog, or a site-plus-blog.

  • Free web site hosting is included in your monthly rental fee.
  • Social media integration — your visitors can share your site via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…. and follow your social profiles too, just by clicking a button.

  • Mailing list integration. We hook up web email signup forms for all the major mailing list managers—Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or whatever one you choose (you pay any ongoing fees charged by a list manager service).
  • Analytics included, so you can track your site visitors and how they find your site.

  • Free Google sitemap that helps get your site found more quickly by automatically letting Google know any time you add a page or a blog post to your site.

  • Basic-SEO – your entire site with all of the hidden custom tags that help your site attract visitors more quickly.
  • WordPress platform — the open source platform that makes editing your site as easy as typing in Word.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will we have the complete access of the website?2020-07-28T17:39:46+00:00

    Due to the nature of a monthly website, unfortunately, you wouldn’t have access to the files as it would be possible for you to copy the website and move to another provider without paying for the work.

    How can we update content, images?2020-07-28T17:40:33+00:00

    We provide 5 updates per month to content, the website we create are static sites that are responsive and optimised.

    Can we have official email id like

    We can provide you with 5 email accounts that come with 5GB storage each along with unlimited alias addresses.

    Where the website will get host? Will we have the access of server?2020-07-28T17:58:20+00:00

    Your website will be hosted on a high-performance server, based in New York and London. It is very fast and features daily backups stored for thirty days.

    We also provide a CDN service with caching capabilities that cost over $200 per month if bought on its own through the provider.

    Will you create custom design website for us?2020-07-28T17:58:51+00:00

    Your website will be 100% created from scratch, we simply like you to find websites you like so we can use those for inspiration.

    When a user will fill the form how we will see the lead?2020-07-28T17:59:19+00:00

    When the form would be submitted, you would instantly receive an email with the lead details.

    Will you also create a logo for us?2020-07-28T18:00:03+00:00

    Yes, a logo will be included within the price.

    Content for the website, will you provide or we need to create that?2020-07-28T18:00:31+00:00

    Since you focus on a specific market, it’s recommended for you to write your content as were web developers, not copywriters.

    How much monthly it will cost?2020-07-28T18:01:33+00:00

    Kindly choose a package.

    How long will it take to set things up?2020-07-28T18:02:04+00:00

    Once we have ideas for your site and the content, we can start your site, generally takes 1 week.

    Will it be SEO friendly?2020-07-28T18:02:37+00:00

    Of course! No point having a website that can’t be found, right?

    All our websites a designed mobile first for mobile, tablet and desktop meaning you get an excellent experience on all – all code is excellent quality and meets all Google’s expectations.

    What is the termination terms?2020-07-28T18:03:15+00:00

    All our websites are created with a minimum 12-month contract, after 12 months, a release fee can be taken advantage of and you can take the site to another provider.

    We’ve not had a single customer move yet due to our high level of support.

    Can you give us one example site?2020-07-28T18:04:05+00:00

    We recently developed over 750 sites. For more details contact us.

    Can we add chat services on the web site?2020-07-28T18:04:31+00:00

    We can implement a third-party chat service completely free of charge.

    What should I do next?2020-07-28T18:05:01+00:00

    Regarding the website you require to be created, could you please provide further details? I.e what’s the purpose of the site, any specific functionality required e.t.c.

    Any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

    What Our Clients Say

    I am very happy with the website renting service. Fast turn around, easy to communicate. The site is amazing and easy to manage. No tension of website security, backup, and technical support. Highly recommended.

    I just passed out to become a dentist. In this COVID 19 era, I was reluctant to invest a lot on a website. So, contacted Web3Solution and their experts help me to build a nice website. Highly satisfied with the service. Saved a lot of time and money.

    Dr. Linda, Dentist

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