Revealed: 100% Proven and Risk Free Way to Include Your Site or Blog in Google Alert Within Weeks?

Last month, we have designed few surveys. We gathered interesting qualitative data for our marketing efforts and finding new opportunities. Let us share!

Goal: We wanted to know how our users are currently using Google alerts and Google news.

Target Audience: To understand that we asked over 1,000 clients. These clients are small and large business owners.

Question Asked:

We asked easy to answer questions like:

  • Have you ever used Google Alert?
  • What type of Google alert have you opted?
  • Why you choose Google alert?


Interestingly, we found over 78% of respondents use Google alert. 67% of these users opted for Google alert for research and to understand competitors.

User choose Google alert due to simplicity and to get interesting & quality results.

Kept Asking:

We wanted to know whether the audience’s websites’ are included on any Google alert or not. The research showed that over 92% clients site never came under Google alert.

We were shocked!

We keep on asking our users. We wanted to know how aware is these business owners and we found only 5% users know how to get listed in Google Alert.

This opens up a new opportunity for us. We created simple and affordable packages for our clients to get listed on Google Alert. But, we only consider those websites which has the potential to get included.

One should consider these rules while including a blog or a website in Google alerts or Google news.

  • Newsworthy contents that are relevant and timely.
  • You must have original content. Curated or aggregated contents are not considered.
  • Your website must have clear author information and contact details. You need to be transparent and take accountability.
  • Never misrepresent information.
  • Content must be easily readable.

Besides this qualification, website must have few technical requirements. Let us list few technical requirements, which are easy to implement.

  • The content must have permanent and unique URLs
  • You can include hyperlinks with relevant anchor text.
  • All these content should be in HTML format
  • Page must contain clear and easy to read metatags and robots.txt.

This will help Google to easily find relevant content for news alert. Now your website will get a better chance to get listed in Google news or Google Alerts.

Remember there is no guarantee to get listed. But, if you follow rules then the probability to get listed on Google news or alter will be higher.

Over to you:

Google News is a wonderful way to build trust and credibility. Moreover, users willfully opt for the Google alerts. So the listed websites on the Google alert receives quality traffic.

Is your website is listed on google alert or google news?
How much traffic are you generating from Google alert/news channel?
Have you tried any services to get listed on Google news?