Are you the dentist who is aware of the potential of digital marketing? Are you the dentist who is unable to increase online presence? Are you the non-technical dentist scared of digital marketing? Wants to know the latest SEO marketing strategies? Are you the dental business owner who wants to double your dental business search?

Then you will find this article useful.

You might know that Google rolls out 1000s of algorithm changes every year. All these Algo changes impacting dental SEO strategies. To drive more traffic to your dentist website use advance 2020 dental SEO strategies. You might be asking, “but how?”

Before I answer your question let first ask yourself 5 important questions.

1. When is a patient searching for a dentist what queries he/she will type on a search engine? Think and write those queries.
2. If you are that patient what type of content you expect when he/she click on the search result? Write down all the points you think should be answered on the page.
3. Is the current results and content answering those queries (aka keywords)? What are the areas these results are missing? Note those points that you liked the most and you found missing.
4. What are the channels you think your patients will search for a dentist? Note down all those points.
5. How many patients per week you can handle? Write this number.

Before you reading further. First, answer the above five important questions.

You have your answer now?


Now you might understand what your target audiences are expecting from you. How can you beat your competitors in search engine?


Let me highlight a few logical solutions.

1. Share value with your potential dental patients

Provide more values than the existing dental websites to get rank in a search engine. But what is “Value” for your patients? Let me give you some examples:

Values for your patients can be:

a. Addressing frequently asked questions that your real patients ask you. Are you answering those questions positively in front of your new patients?

b. Are you showing what are your speciality and why your existing patients love you? Testimonials, your video while helping patients can help to address users’ anxiety.

c. Why new users will trust you and your professional website to share their email id and phone number? Showing trust, credentials and sharing free gifts can motivate users.

Hope this gave you some ideas about value sharing with your potential patients. To know more about your specific website contact us.

2. Build a simple page layout for your dental office audience

Now you have a clear view of the values you want to present in front of your potential clients. The next step is to create a plan how to present those values in an effective way. Here are a few areas you can consider.

a. The content you are about to create should be over 2,000 words or more.
b. Structure the content with headline and subheadlines.
c. Create small paragraphs not more than four lines.
d. Use images, videos, graphs as much as possible to engage the users.
e. Link the content with high authority sites (example: Wikipedia) to justify your viewpoint.
f. Use the grade 5 level easy to understand the content.
g. Place your keywords in a natural way. Those dental business keywords should address users’ questions.
h. This creative must have a clear call-to-action button. So, the user knows what to do after reading this content.
i. Don’t hesitate to ask the user to share your content or to like.
j. Read, read and read your creation and fix anything you found.

Once you have this dental marketing content blueprint ready with you. Create an amazing, easy to read, highly valuable content for your target audience.

So, you can consider your landing page as a potential high-quality digital product. As you are providing high value, it is most likely that the audience will like and share your content.

3. Reach out

In this stage, you have a valuable landing page which you can consider as your product and you believe in it. Now, you need to reach out to the audience who will like your content.

There are various ways you can reach your target audience. Some of the ways are as follows:

a. Share with your existing customer base. May be through email, WhatsApp, posting on Facebook etc.
b. Analyze how others are reaching to their audience. Use the tactic in your targeted demography and geography.
c. Reach famous dentists, nearby dentist and ask them to share their views on the content.
d. Share on local groups, ask your friends to share the content as well.
e. Reach authors who have created relevant content and ask them to share your content and help them. Create a group that benefits each other.
f. If you see the content is sharing and people are liking it, keep on adding an update on the content to look fresh.
g. If you found your content reached a lot of audiences and a search engine is liking it. Then translate the content in a different language and publish that as well. Also, you can create audio content as well.
h. Retain those audiences by motivating them to signup to membership or an email funnel.

To put up to date with the search engine algorithm updates use above tactics. Think about dental marketing voice searches and mobile dental SEO. Online users are getting lazier and ch is the future.

What is the next step?

Put in place the above strategy. Simple!

As you can understand to make a clear strategy and implement the plan you need time. Value on quality than quantity. That is what search engines and users are expecting from you and your dental practice.

Buy time of professionals who can help you to fulfil your dream in case your time unavailability. But before hiring digital marketing gurus cross-check how they are strategising.

Avoid dental marketing SEO professional if they think as follows:

a. Focus on creating backlinks and keywords only.
b. Only do manual work without understanding your business.
c. Not asked you about your business goals and target market.
d. Not good in the language.
e. Providing cheap service offer. As time is money.
g. Not suggest anything about your landing page or content you have.
h. Not clearly explain the strategy and plan the marketing team are going to put in place.

Hire a dentist marketing expert if they:

a. Know about dental marketing business.
b. Ask you the right questions at the right time.
c. Have done similar works in past and have satisfied case studies.
d. Focus on sharing value rather than stuffing keywords.
e. Read latest search engine updates, keep on doing research.
f. Answer all your questions.
g. Don’t guarantee the results. As no one can guarantee SEO ranking.

This new decade will bring positive changes for you and your dental office. Effective time manager, positive thinking, and wise planning will make the difference.

Dr. Brain, a dental surgeon, says –

“The step by step approach to deal with our dental business by Web3Solution is eye-opening. In past, we tried three different SEO companies for our dental office. In all these occasions we find very low traffic and lead growth. Web3Solution asked us to change sites structure, content structure. At first, we were reluctant. We understand the logic the changes makes sense to us. And within a span of 6 months, we can see a 237% increase in organic traffic. Also, 87% increase in relative conversion rate. Impressive. We are working with web3solution for over 4 years now. They are currently handling four of our other businesses as well. Very hard to find the true diamond in the world of digital marketing.”

We are helping the dentist across the universe since 2008. We have seen a lot of changes in dental digital marketing. From our a decade experience we have shared these strategies that are working for us and for our clients.

Write to us if you have more questions about dental marketing. If you like this content kindly share and spread the message.

What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to shine.

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