Dalai Lama often says about the power of positivity, [Tweet “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”]

The same applies on your website visitors. Unless your users fill positive about your website they will not take any positive action.

To further understand the impact of the power of positivity you can see this experiment done by National Geographic channel.

On this experiment National Geographic team made the volunteer believe that the lady sunk a pair blindfolded free throws when earlier with no blindfold she missed 10 in a row. How will she do her second time at the line? Now the chief think she nailed those blindfolded buckets.

By making her think she sent those blindfolded shots and by cheering in gigging her positive reinforcement it’s almost like we had her self-confidence and Qatar to believe more in her natural abilities. In fact, out of 10 shots this time around she ended up making four. Quite an improvement!

But what if one of our volunteers was already good at basketball? Well, this guy’s got a game he made whopping nice shots from the line. Think there’s anything we could do to make him worse. Remember this guy made 9 free throws earlier. But now it looks like the crowds negative reinforcement is throwing him off his game.

What this Power of Positivity experiment teaches a digital marketer?

The experiment teaches us about the impact of the power of positivity. As a digital marketer, you should build a website or make the digital assets in such a way which reflects the power of positivity. Some of the points you can consider while developing a high converting landing page.

  • Make your customer feel special – When a user lands on your website they are looking for some solution covering their specific problem. If you motivate the user and display the user that he/she is in the right place and you care about their problem. You are eager to help them to find an effective solution. This can boost your website’s conversion.

You can do this by providing flexible search option; or customized sign up option; or displaying the specific question and how you can solve them; or even displaying user’s geo-location specific content.

  • Reducing the negative aspect – Demotivating users by showing irrelevant or general information is a big conversion killer. Avoid too much information on the first fold of the website. Don’t provide multiple call-to-action buttons and confuse users.

It is recommended to have single clear call-to-action button in the first fold of the website with a clear reason why a user will click on this and once user will click on the button what will happen next. Reduce friction for your users.

  • Show positivity – Show your users positive news about you and your business. This will stimulate user’s confidence and that will impact positively to your return on investment. You can do it by showing positive user’s reviews, video testimonials. Moreover, you can also display popular websites logo where your company’s news published.


We saw in the experiment video due to the power of positivity the lady who was not able to score initially, ended up making four. On the other hand, due to the power of negativity, the score reduced drastically.

On you website, if you able to motivate your users then from the same traffic you can convert more customers and hence more revenue. If you able to increase your relative conversion around 40% then you can guess how much revenue you can generate.

Sounds interesting? Don’t waste your time. Start implementing today.



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