WordPress is one the most used content management system in current web development arena. Around 18% of the total websites developed using WordPress CMS. Isn’t it incredible? This makes the WordPress development service popular.

At web3solution, we’ve world class WordPress designers, developers, networking experts. Past ten years as wordpress development company we’ve executed over thousands WordPress projects. WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, WordPress apps development, WordPress maintenance service are popular.

Today we like to list what types of WordPress projects. We deliver work with hassle-free, secure and affordable way. Today we’ll list our top 20 types of purchased WordPress projects.

1. Regular work on WordPress sites

This type of work includes HTML, CSS and limited PHP and JS. Work is fundamentally frontend, but backend work also executed.

2. WordPress Website Enhancement

This type of WordPress projects built using a WordPress template.

Work will include:

  • Adding plugins for surveys and contacting the company
  • Adding new content. (Client will give you the text)
  • Adding labels to help with SEO

3. Need some corrections in WordPress site

This project needs some corrections on a specific page of this site and few other changes. Changes can be image size change, the addition of tables, modification of content etc.

Few clients want pixel perfect responsive website. Clients like to have Skype communication facility; fast work and ability to speak English.

4. WordPress website Upgrades/Fixes/Wishlist

Small companies that sell products or services are the buyer of this service. These companies need a website that reflects the high-quality products/service that they offer.

There are a lot of things client loves about their current site but they need help with many things as well. It’s a custom designed site using WordPress .

General fixes clients want:

  • Audit website’s plugins for conflicts
  • Fit phone number into the header for the mobile and tablet version of the site
  • Solve a custom search parameter issue. Then client can manage in-house via the WordPress CMS. Need to be able to have website visitors search for following parameters. Trips by “region/country” and/or “ability level” and/or “type of trip” and/or “date range”. Currently, the date needs to update with latest dates. The current plugin is no longer supported.
  • Get website verified on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Change a URL structure for one subset of pages
  • Search Bar for site-wide searches that functions more intuitively
  • Product/service Finder that updates in real time without having to hit “search”
  • Itinerary pages that pull a header from a corresponding product/service page
  • Automatically update a page as per users action.

General upgrades clients want:

  • Responsive pages to be more mobile and tablet friendly
  • Live chat plugin needs to be implemented
  • Add a social share button
  • Need a few customized forms from Hubspot to added to the WordPress site.

5. Need a programmer to fix Google map issue on one of my sites

The client has a WordPress directory site. He needs to fix how Google maps are being displayed in different product categories.

Few categories are not displaying Google maps as the rest of the categories. The client needs someone who knows WordPress well and can fix bugs.

6. Amazon AWS Setup/Configuration for High Traffic WordPress site

The client is looking for a consultant to assist on the proper way to setup a hosting environment on Amazon AWS. The website will be a WordPress site.

This site is expecting a high amount of traffic and would need worldwide load balancing. Just to ensure during peak traffic, the site does not go down. Once peak traffic is over, the environment would scale back to smaller capacity.

7. Varnish Cart Issue

The client is currently running a Bitnami WordPress ec2 instance on Amazon. Client’s WordPress woocommerce site is running varnish which has started causing issues.

After modifying the default.vcl with a custom code. The client have managed to get a cart working on Chrome. But not the login issue listed below.

The issue is as follows:

  • Safari Mac and iPhone – Items cannot be added to cart unless logged in.
  • All Browsers – Cannot log in to wp-admin page (moved to login-page). And error is shown: “cookies must be enabled on this browser”
  • Chrome – When client not logged in and press the login button. Rather than taking client the log in page, client taken to the “My Account” page. The client logged in automatically. But if client navigates away from the “My Account” page, client logged out.

Typically, clients want to fix different security, website flow and browser compatibility issues.

8. EU server sync with CN server

The client has an EU server and needs to create a clone in the CN market. The client has all the papers done and have set up a server with an installation.

The client need help to adapt the WordPress to Chinese environment. And synchronizing the servers. Over time to develop new features and ideas to the Chinese WordPress site.

9. WordPress administrator or Experienced WordPress Developer

The client is looking for someone with basic Admin skills (no SSH, Telnet, Linux). Instead, it would be good to have someone who can do basic programming tasks. Can also do HTML/DB cleanups, and other similar tasks.

Need to have: DNS configuration, WordPress, Google Sheets. Also HTML, CSS, SFTP, and MySQL.

Good to have: PHP

To work with client, we need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a proven track record of delivery for other clients
  • Meet all the “need to have’s” above, and as many of the “good to have’s” as possible
  • Good, reliable internet connection
  • Reasonable availability
  • Excellent communication. Including that client must be able to reach us. Even if only a short text exchange via mobile, to book us in for work or query things.
  • Great work ethic, attitude, and approach
  • Attention to detail

10. WordPress coding

The client has a recruitment of WordPress website.

Description of requirements/functionality. The Client needs some advice on adding various Javascript Onclick events. He wants to install Javascript Onclick events on the menu system in his WordPress site.

He needs to know if the work can be done. If so, how, and if not, why.
Specific technologies required: WordPress
OS requirements: Windows

11. Website WordPress

General information of the website. Personal website with photography work. Kind of development is customization of existing website.

The number of web pages or modules are 4.

Description of every page/module: Client would like a professional photography website. The website should be simple and elegant.

Modules: Projects, news, bio and contact.

Description of requirements/features: Homepage with client’s name

The different modules consist projects, news, bio and contact. A selection of photographies from the different projects. (change from one photography to the other every 5 seconds).

Extra services needed: Customization, Optimization.

12. WordPress management

Client is looking for someone to help me with the management of my WordPress begin website. Initially 5 hours a week.

13. WordPress Multisite

General information for the website: Client would like a shop for vendor stores.
Kind of development: Customization of existing website.
Description of every page/module: Create an example like website using market press and WordPress. The website is installed, client just need it set up.

14. WordPress developer

General information for the website: custom project.
Number of web pages/modules: 1.
Description of requirements/features: Client wants to create a plugin. Under posts client could add custom reviews from admin panel. All the fields/text/content there is on the image. Client also wants to be able to add them on my project.
On home page client wants to be able to display ONLY the image of this plugin. When user hover the image there name will be displayed.

15. WordPress site

Kind of development: New website from scratch.

Description of every page/module: Website must give all members a product website. Yet, client understands Google’s duplicate content policy. The reason wants many websites with advance Seo technology to put in place. Not to get banned by Google.

Description of requirements/features: Join us , products, Blog, intro, contact form

p. PSD to WordPress

General information for the website: Front-end Development Company
Kind of development: New website from scratch
Num. of web pages/modules: 5.
Description of requirements/features: Client is looking for a talented WP developer. They want to outsource of their projects.

  • Pixel perfect – PSD to WP
  • Responsive
  • W3c valid markup
  • 5 pages
  • Contact form with validation
  • Parallax
  • Fixed header
  • video gallery
  • speed optimized

q. WordPress developer

General information for the website: Normal WordPress Website
Kind of development: New website from scratch
Num. of web pages/modules: 5 to 7
Description of every page/module: Client is looking for Experienced Web Developer to Work on Live Projects Who Would like to take up the Web Development as An Assignment Which Involves a Lot of Interpersonal Skills.
Key skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, or WORDPRESS
Description of requirements/features: WordPress developer, Web developer
Extra services needed: Customization
Specific technologies required: WordPress

r. WordPress and copywriting

Num. of articles: 5
Words per article: 500
Information for the blog/website: WordPress tutorial
Industry: Internet/Software
Topic: WordPress software
Tone: Sincere
Outline & Structure: It is about giving the information to the people.

s. WordPress development

General information for the website: blog
Description of requirements/features: Make the full theme responsive for all devices and browsers,

– Make the blog page look like the rest of the site and be responsive.
– Add images to the features page ( images that will fit in with the text)
– Add a pricing table, when a user click start your free trial it creates a popup that asks them for information, Full Name, Email Address, Contact Number. Once submitted it says thank you for your inquiry a member of the team will be in touch shortly.
– Add phone number to the top right.
– Add borders to pages that don’t have any so they look like the other pages you created –
– Add a contact us page that would be great too.

t. WordPress customization

General information for the website: membership site
Kind of development: Customization of existing website
Num. of web pages/modules: 1
Description of every page/module: I have a number of users on my site.

Clint wants a module that does the following:

1. The first time a user logs into WordPress, they are immediately diverted to a specific Page
2. From every other time they login to the site, they are directed to another page.
Clearly client needs to use some cookies to do this, but this should be very simple for a WordPress dude.
Specific technologies required: WordPress

u. WordPress development

General information for the website: E-Commerce
Kind of development: Customization of existing website
Description of requirements/features: Looking for someone to make a small customization to a WordPress / woo commerce site. Need to enable woo commerce to send an email of the order taken – needs to include:
– title/name of product
– description
– SKU code
– any other order details (e.g. size, colour etc)
– customer details (address/email)
– date ordered
– (possibly image of product but not mandatory)

Specific technologies required: WordPress / woo commerce

v. Google shopping WordPress

General information for the website: clothing seller
Description of every page/module: Configure the Woo-Commerce plugin to display item data for google shopping
Description of requirements/features: Client has the official Woo-Commerce plugin installed. Plugin just needs configuring to show the right data so Google can accept shopping items. Client has already set up Google merchant account.

w. WordPress Membership Website Customization

General information for the website: Client sells memberships
Kind of development: Customization of existing website
Description of every page/module: Client is looking for a Senior WordPress Developer available to work full time on this project with them.
Client provided Statement of Requirements document for complete understanding of functionality already developed and new functionality required from the website.

A few other criteria we are looking from the developer:

– Full time availability over next 2 weeks
– Availability for a Skype chat daily
– Fixed price quote and time frame for SOR
Specific technologies required: Javascript/Jquery/Ajax PHP Sql Database management

Hope this list gave you an idea about our expertise on the WordPress design, development, maintenance and customization. You can also check our portfolio section .

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